Easy Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Easy Vegan Chocolate Truffle Recipe for Valentine's Day - Paleo, raw, healthy, clean, no-cook, treats

If my husband’s name was a dictionary entry, it would look something like this: Scott: (Sk-AH-t) n. A large, bearded fellow who hates Valentines Day, but loves pastries, ice cream, cookies, and anything sweet and chocolatey. Synonyms: sweet tooth, sugar freak, chocoholic While I hate Valentine’s Day as much as he does (We’re a regular match made in heaven!), I’ll […]

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Apple Pie Filling Cups (Paleo/Whole 30/Vegan)

Looking for a quick and healthy fall dessert? Try these Apple Pie Filling Cups!

Holy shizzzzz I can’t believe today is the last day of my Whole 30! To be honest, I was very tempted to quit a few days early, but I figured I’d come this far and I may as well see it through. So instead, I got creative and whipped up a healthy fall dessert: Apple Pie […]

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Paleo English Butter Toffee

Photo of my Paleo English Butter Toffee

It seems like everyone has a dietary restriction these days, which can make bringing hostess gifts tricky. Bring a bottle of wine, and you’ll arrive to find the family is doing a cleanse. A box of brownies yields the discovery that Dad is gluten-free. And let’s not even get started on dairy or nuts! That’s […]

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Mug Cake

This mug cake was inspired by a pregnant friend of mine who introduced me to the wonderful world of mug cakes by informing me that she was making one for dinner and the only food group missing from her meal was wine.  I figured that if mug cakes were that crave-worthy, then I had to […]

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Maple Caramel Nice Cream

I love a beautifully latticed fruit pie or a decadent flourless chocolate cake, but I try to choose healthy, nutritious snacks for the everyday. With its base of fruit and healthy fats, this dairy-free frozen treat is the perfect solution for those random sweet cravings. Print Maple Caramel Nice Cream Craving sweets? Whip up a […]

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