5 Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals From My Favorite Brands

I’m not going to lie: I look forward to Black Friday and Cyber Monday all year. And while you won’t catch me dashing off to the department store before the Turkey’s gone cold, I do plot my purchases around this epic sale season. After all, if I’m saving money on gifts for others, I may […]

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5 Online Boutiques For Curating Your Ear Party

5 Online Boutiques For Curating A Beautiful Ear Party

First there was the arm party. Then we layered our rings. And now, the ear party has arrived! I’ve long been a fan of delicate stud earrings, but my obsession has progressed to the point where I’m now literally poking more holes in my body so I can wear more jewelry. Fortunately, I’m not the […]

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How To Steal Your Favorite Fashion Blogger’s Style

Five Tips For Achieving Fashion Blogger Style Status

While there will always be a place for the Anna Wintours of the world, we’re in the midst of a seismic shift towards bloggers and influencers as definitive fashion shot-callers. There’s something so real about seeing how everyday women put themselves together. And yet, as accessible as they seem, the best fashion bloggers ooze an […]

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Wardrobe Workhorse: Levi’s Wedgie Fit Jeans

I'm obsessed with 100% denim jeans like these Levi's Wedgie Fit Jeans

There’s a new denim hero in my wardrobe:  Levi’s Wedgie Fit Jeans. They don’t call these 100% denim jeans “wedgie fit” for nothing; they literally give you a wedgie, lifting and separating to shape your butt into a perfectly perky peach. Over the past year, I’ve become so obsessed with this specific style of denim […]

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Three Cute + Functional Bathing Suits For Non-Frumpy Moms

Bathing Suit Shopping - my fave bikini

Like most mothers, shopping for clothes is a constant struggle. The pieces I love aren’t practical, and many often don’t fit. Finding the perfect “mom bathing suit” adds two more layers: modesty and body image. It seems that every trip to the dressing room ends up sparking an internal war between my shadow selves. In […]

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I invested in a cleansing balm and it changed my life

While my title may be a tad dramatic, a single jar of Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm has convinced me never to go back to traditional cleansing methods. Finding a gentle yet effective cleanser for my sensitive skin has been a challenge for me. Foam cleansers and bars often leave my face feeling dry […]

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Wardrobe Workhorse: AGOLDE Jamie High Rise Classic Jeans

Few denim styles are trickier to nail than the mom jean. The perfect pair can make you into a Man Repeller, but while a less-than-ideal fit makes you a walking SNL skit. Hence why it took me a couple years to cave into my desire to pair those barely taped, high-waisted, stone-washed jeans with a […]

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Wardrobe Workhorse: Delicate Stud Earrings

I was 16 when I double-pierced my ears for the specific reason that I wanted the 90’s power combo of two tiny silver hoops. Imagine my surprise when, 20 years later, after not being used for at least a decade, I was able to easily slide a pair of stylish bar studs into my second […]

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