5 Online Boutiques For Curating Your Ear Party

5 Online Boutiques For Curating A Beautiful Ear Party

First there was the arm party. Then we layered our rings. And now, the ear party has arrived! I’ve long been a fan of delicate stud earrings, but my obsession has progressed to the point where I’m now literally poking more holes in my body so I can wear more jewelry. Fortunately, I’m not the […]

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Wardrobe Workhorse: The Unique Minimalist Watch

I'm loving this unique minimalist watch from JORD wood watches

A watch is a deeply personal accessory. Not only is it a key everyday piece, but it’s also uniquely sentimental. We give watches for reaching milestones, we hand them down for generations, and we remember the ones our parents wore when we were kids. (My mom: a gold Anne Klein with a chain mesh band. […]

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Wardrobe Workhorse: Statement Sunglasses

I like to express my exuberant, playful personality through my personal style, but here in the ultra-casual Bay Area, I often feel overdressed in bright prints, big ruffles, or similarly attention-grabbing details. Thus my strategy has evolved around basic pieces in neutral colors paired with one accessory that pops. And more often than not, that […]

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