The Best New Year’s Resolution I Ever Made

How a promise to eat healthy and quit smoking 13 years ago changed my life.

Thirteen years ago, I made two decisions that changed my life: I quit smoking and started living a healthy lifestyle. One pregnancy and a million other life changes later, and I’m still doing it. This is the story of the New Year’s resolution that changed my life. A Little Backstory My generation may have been the […]

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Three Ways to Tweak Your Whole 30 For Better Results

Whole 30 Approved Groceries

Welcome to Whole 30 August! This is my third W30 and whereas the first two times were meant to simply reset healthy habits, this time I’m addressing some specific concerns. So I’m not only following the Whole 30 rules, I’m also paying special attention to how I balance my diet within Whole 30 to maximize my […]

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5 Reasons Why Pegan Is The New Keto

Pegan Diet - rainbow carrots

Move over Paleo, Whole 30, and Keto, there’s a new “healthiest diet ever” in town: The Pegan Diet. I should start by explaining that I don’t believe in diets. Here’s why: diets do not equal lifestyle changes, nor do they give us the tools to make healthier choices. So once we finish them, we tend […]

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Five Health Benefits Of Epsom Salt

Last January, I got into a car accident. Everyone was okay (thank goodness!), but the other driver and I hit pretty hard. I didn’t realize how much I’d been affected until after our information had been exchanged and I was at the body shop dropping off my car. I couldn’t hold a pen straight because […]

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How To Work Out At Home…Without Falling Off The Wagon

A lot of people tell me they’d never be able to stick to a home exercise program because they won’t make themselves do it. I get it. It’s not for everyone. Some people genuinely need the group energy of a class atmosphere to thrive. But for loners like me, home exercise programs like BBG, Tone […]

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