What Is An Oil’s Smoke Point + Why Do We Care?

What Is A Smoke Point + Why Do We Care? Tips for healthy cooking

Up until a few years ago, I cooked everything in extra virgin olive oil. Not only was I sold on its heart-healthy, anti-inflammatory omegas but as a French- and Italian-American, it’s what I grew up with! While I was wary of it’s low smoke point (and annoyed by the acrid taste this produces), I was […]

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Healthy Baking Ingredients: What To Use And Why

I replace white sugar with date sugar at a 1:1 ratio to create paleo treats. Learn more about healthy baking ingredients with my 6 key substitutions.

Whether you’ve been following me on Instagram, or you’ve just surfed onto my blog, chances are you’ve noticed that I avoid processed flours, sugars, and oils in my recipes. I use healthy baking ingredients not because it’s a fad or even because someone in my family has an intolerance. Making healthy substitutions for more nutrient-dense […]

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Five Tips For Cooking With Young Kids

Cooking with young kids - child mixes wet ingredients

Cooking with young kids is an activity everyone is almost guaranteed to enjoy. Not only does it make them feel big and grown-up, but the finished product can also be used to bribe them into behaving properly. (Moms, I know you feel me on that one!) After three years of motherhood, I’ve amassed tons of activities […]

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Why You Need To Make Homemade Ghee

Homemade ghee and brown butter ghee, side by side

While ghee it’s one of my favorite cooking fats, its high cost can be tough to swallow. That motivated me to start making homemade ghee. I tried two different methods and when I botched one, I came upon one of my happiest cooking accidents: brown butter ghee. This is the story of my journey into […]

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What Is Sous Vide?

“What’s that noise? Is there water running somewhere?” My husband and I were sitting in the living room reading after dinner last night when he suddenly sat upright on the couch. “It’s the sous vide,” I told him, not looking up from the latest issue of Bon Appetit.  “The sous what?”  “You know, the thing […]

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Deviled Easter Eggs

When I realized that this year’s Easter brunch was pot luck, my first thought was “Oh shit.” This was a crazy week for me, and I had no idea how I was going to pull together something special enough for Easter, but that still traveled well and felt like brunch. After a quick brainstorm, I […]

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How To Master Meal Prep

Containers of prepared food

Putting whole, healthy foods on my family’s table is Priority Number One for me when it comes to how I manage our meals. And as self-appointed Head Chef, I know how challenging it can be to cook up a fresh and balanced plate every night, especially with a toddler wrapped around your ankles. That’s why meal […]

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The Best Way To Choose An Instant Pot

About a year ago, my mom texted me out of the blue “I JUST GOT AN ELECTRIC PRESSURE COOKER AND I LOVE IT!!!!” An electric pressure cooker? Really? The concept brought to mind metallic-tasting vegetables and greens that weren’t really green anymore. A few weeks later I watched as she used her Instant Pot to […]

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