The Moment I Realized I Can’t Have It All.

The Moment I Realized I Can't Have It All. The 5 Steps I'm Taking To Clear My Schedule and Create Boundaries

A few weeks ago, I shared how 2018 didn’t go as I’d hoped, and how I was turning that failure into an opportunity for growth. Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time examining how I manage my time, which has meant painstakingly logging exactly how I spend it. And as I sat down at […]

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Five Tips For Cooking With Young Kids

Cooking with young kids - child mixes wet ingredients

Cooking with young kids is an activity everyone is almost guaranteed to enjoy. Not only does it make them feel big and grown-up, but the finished product can also be used to bribe them into behaving properly. (Moms, I know you feel me on that one!) After three years of motherhood, I’ve amassed tons of activities […]

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Three Cute + Functional Bathing Suits For Non-Frumpy Moms

Bathing Suit Shopping - my fave bikini

Like most mothers, shopping for clothes is a constant struggle. The pieces I love aren’t practical, and many often don’t fit. Finding the perfect “mom bathing suit” adds two more layers: modesty and body image. It seems that every trip to the dressing room ends up sparking an internal war between my shadow selves. In […]

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5 Summer Activities For Preschoolers With Not-So-Crafty Moms

One of my summer activities for preschoolers - boy painting rock

Don’t let the pretty pictures of toast fool you: I’m by no means crafty. Sure, I know my way around the kitchen, but when it comes to sequins and glue, they’re more likely to stick to me than to the art project. But with school over, I had a minor panic attack as I searched […]

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5 Steps To Help Your Child Overcome A Fear Of Water

A toddler with no fear of water

Toddler fears can be tricky, but a fear of water can be scary for parents, too. It was a cloudless, 90 degree May day in Mexico. The rectangular infinity pool in the back yard sparkled, a turquoise oasis offering an escape from the desert heat. I stood under an umbrella lathering myself with sunscreen, dying […]

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Save Money On Healthy Food: Clean Eating For Less

  I love creating wholesome, beautiful food to share on Instagram, but most people are looking to save money on healthy food, not take pretty pictures. And not only do I have a Whole Foods budget, but I get products for free. The average person doesn’t have those luxuries. My goal is to inspire others […]

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5 Tips For Safely Sharing Your Child’s Photos Online

It’s a question I get over and over from my friends and followers: “Why don’t you ever post your son on Instagram?” While my refusal to share photos of my child on social media may seem weird in an era where everyone shares everything, the normalcy of sharing photos of small children makes me feel […]

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My son doesn’t need a Super Blue Blood Moon to make an event out of a moonrise. Any given evening can find him with his nose pressed up against the back door, his hot breath fogging the glass as he shouts “Mommy, Mommy look at the moon!” I can see him from where I’m standing […]

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Moms’ Group Saved My Life

I’m not really a joiner. While I’m very social, I tend to ensconce myself in a tight-knit group of friends, rarely expanding my circle. But when I stopped working during my last month of pregnancy, I quickly began to feel isolated; most of my friends either worked or lived too far away to call for […]

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