I Did Goat Yoga And This Was My Takeaway

Christine Tusher at goat yoga

“Yoga + Baby Goats = Awesome” read the email subject line from my alma mater, NYU. Even though I no longer live in New York City, I had to click through. Because WTF is goat yoga? The email opened to reveal a photo of an athleisure-wearing college student in downward dog with a baby goat […]

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Five Confusing Food Labels, Explained

Cow-confusing food labels, explained

Grocery shopping can be tough, even when you’re label-savvy. If it seems like confusing food labels are everywhere, it’s because they are! For every well-meaning certification, there are several similar labels and logos we have to sort through. At best, they draw our attention to differences between products. At worst, they trick us into buying […]

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How One Migraine Changed The Way I View Self-Care

migraine - christine holding her head

The migraine to end all migraines Wait, what did I just look at? I was inputting data into my computer on Monday, looking back and forth from the screen to my notes when the entry field was obscured by a blank spot in my vision. It felt as if I’d looked directly at the sun, […]

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5 Reasons Why Pegan Is The New Keto

Pegan Diet - rainbow carrots

Move over Paleo, Whole 30, and Keto, there’s a new “healthiest diet ever” in town: The Pegan Diet. I should start by explaining that I don’t believe in diets. Here’s why: diets do not equal lifestyle changes, nor do they give us the tools to make healthier choices. So once we finish them, we tend […]

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Sweat App: Why I Spent $120 On An iPhone Workout Subscription

Sweat App Logo

I’m a sucker for a sale. So when I signed up for a free trial of Kayla Itsines’ Sweat app and it offered me a year at half price, it took very little more to get me to click “buy.” Truth be told, I’d been mulling it over since Sweat launched in 2015. I had […]

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How Does Exercise Affect The Brain?

I was walking into the gym yesterday when I suddenly realized how good I felt. My feet felt firm and strong on the pavement as I took sure strides across the parking lot, my posture was erect, and I felt calm, but energized and purposeful. I also noticed a sense of confidence within myself — of […]

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Five Health Benefits Of Epsom Salt

Last January, I got into a car accident. Everyone was okay (thank goodness!), but the other driver and I hit pretty hard. I didn’t realize how much I’d been affected until after our information had been exchanged and I was at the body shop dropping off my car. I couldn’t hold a pen straight because […]

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5 Habits For Better Sleep

Between my husband and I, it seems that one of us is constantly battling insomnia. Either we can’t fall asleep, can’t stay asleep, or simply don’t sleep deeply enough to feel rested. The problem came to a head after our son started sleeping through the night. Sleep training him seemed to have the opposite effect […]

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5 Tips For Smelling Fresh Without Conventional Deodorants

My personal philosophy is that the healthiest, safest products are often the ones that are closest to nature. So when I started thinking about becoming pregnant five years ago, I decided it the natural deodorant route was probably the safest path for my baby and me. While my research found that health risks of conventional deodorants were […]

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Three Ways To Beat The Common Cold

My son has been sick almost every week since Christmas. First it was a double ear infection, then it was one cold after another thanks to the petri dish that is preschool. Meanwhile my husband was in bed with the flu for a week. And yes, he had a flu shot. But as for me, […]

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