Why Cardamom Is The New Turmeric + 10 Ways To Use It

10 Ways To Cook With Cardamom

There’s a reason every culture uses herbs and spices in its cooking. Not only do they make food taste better, some of them also help us feel better. I tend to use a lot of cardamom this time of year. After all, it pairs so well with holiday flavors of ginger and orange! But when I looked it up, I discovered several science-backed reasons to incorporate more cardamom into my family’s diet year-round.

Scott and I both have a ton of cancer in our families. While we’ve both been healthy so far, we’re always looking for easy ways to help avoid the big C. And it turns out that cardamom is proven to help prevent cancer in mice. As for humans, the jury is still out. But since it’s only side effect is deliciousness, we may as well give it a go!

In addition to potentially helping prevent cancer, cardamom is also thought to be anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and a natural way to help heal ulcers. I’m actually shocked it isn’t more of a trend within the wellness community, especially considering how many ways there are to use it!

Here Are 10 Healthy Ways To Cook With Cardamom:

This banana smoothie with cardamom is a great way to add this potent antioxidant into your diet!

Spoon It Into Your Morning Smoothie

A banana smoothie with cardamom and cinnamon might be my new favorite way to satisfy my sweets craving!




The flavors of chocolate and cardamom combined are simply gorgeous!

Swirl It Into Hot Cocoa

I’m a big fan of the chocolate-cardamom combo. Just 1/4 tsp in your cup of cocoa will put you on the fast train to flavorville!




My gluten-free ginger cookies with cardamom are a great way to get more of this healing spice!

Bake These Gluten-Free Ginger Cookies With Dark Chocolate And Cardamom

As if the flavors of dark chocolate with cardamom weren’t enough, add ginger and you’ve entered a whole new dimension of deliciousness!








10 Ways To Use Cardamom: Sprinkled On Baked Pears

Sprinkle It On Baked Pears

Slice pears lengthwise and lay cut side down in a cast iron skillet. Create 1/4″ slices, but don’t slice all the way through! You want the pear to cook evenly without falling apart. Sprinkle with cinnamon and cardamom to taste, and drizzle with honey. Bake for 30 minutes in a preheated 350 oven. Enjoy them with ice cream for dessert, or in your morning yogurt bowl.






10 Ways To Use Cardamom: Swirled into your oatmeal

Add A Pinch To Your Morning Oats

I feel like something’s missing if I don’t add cinnamon to my oatmeal. And you know what goes great with cinnamon? Cardamom! Add it one pinch at a time until you achieve just the right blend.








10 Ways To Use Cardamom: Stir It Into Your Golden Milk

Blend It Into Your Golden Milk

Cardamom and turmeric is another favorite spice combo of mine, especially when served in a soul-satisfying cup of golden milk. My favorite turmeric blend (Moodbeli’s Golden Turmeric) already contains it, so I don’t need to worry about spice ratios.

Fun fact: cardamom also helps make turmeric more bioavailable!






10 Ways To Use Cardamom: Whisked Into Brownie Mix

Whisk It Into Brownie Mix

I’m a big fan of doctoring store-bought mixes, especially when I’m making brownies. Next time, try adding a teaspoon to your brownie mix for a Middle Eastern spin on the American classic.









10 Ways To Use Cardamom: Coconut Curry

Cook Up A Cozy Coconut Curry

Cardamom is widely used in Indian cooking and a classic curry ingredient. This easy coconut curry recipe is currently simmering on my stovetop.




10 Ways To Use Cardamom: Mix It Into Anything Chai

Add It To Anything Chai

As I mentioned earlier, Indian recipes often use cardamom. And guess what else is from India? Chai tea! So it’s no wonder chai and cardamom are flavor buddies! I’ve bookmarked this recipe for chai fat bombs and will add a pinch of cardamom when I make it.


10 Ways To Use Cardamom: In Your French Toast Batter

Mix It Into French Toast Batter

Take this breakfast treat from basic to bae with cardamom and orange. You can even make a big batch in the oven (think strata) to serve a holiday crowd.


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