5 Online Boutiques For Curating Your Ear Party

5 Online Boutiques For Curating A Beautiful Ear Party

First there was the arm party. Then we layered our rings. And now, the ear party has arrived! I’ve long been a fan of delicate stud earrings, but my obsession has progressed to the point where I’m now literally poking more holes in my body so I can wear more jewelry.

Fortunately, I’m not the only one. The third holes and cartilage piercing I got on my recent trip to LA were inspired by a spur-of-the-moment decision made with girlfriends over poolside glasses of rose. The three of us had all been wanting to up our ear party game, but we felt kind of silly doing it. Which of course was a great reason to do it together. So we consulted Google and soon had three consecutive appointments at a reputable piercing studio the following afternoon.

Twenty-four hours later, I had three more holes in my ears. And in a few more weeks, I’ll have three new opportunities to add to my existing ear party. Which means…I need to do some shopping. Here are five affordable online jewelry stores for delicate earrings perfect for layering.


Maison Miru

Ear Party featuring delicate earrings by Maison Miru

With styles ranging from classic, tasteful studs to edgy cartilage jewelry, Maison Miru is a great first stop when writing your ear party play book. The trick is to mix different kinds of styles – hoops, danglers, and studs – to make that party as lively as possible.

I especially appreciate that they stock styles appropriate for inner cartilage piercings. I’ve have a rook piercing for almost 20 years (OMG I’M OLD!)  but I’ve never replaced the original silver hoop because I didn’t know what would fit in it. So when I saw this photo, I immediately ordered the Whispering Star Hoop Earrings ($39)  that the model has threaded through her cartilage.


Of A Kind

Unique designs for your ear party at Of A Kind

If you’re looking for a curated collection of unique jewels from small designers, look no further than Of A Kind. The Nora Earring from Still House glams up tiny studs with an elegant chain. They’d pair perfectly with the simple, bezel studs I need to wear until my new piercings heal.

I love this site in general. Most of what they sell is handmade and limited in supply because it’s produced by small vendors.. I get a lot of satisfaction not only because I’m buying artisan-made goods, but also because I know I won’t end up inadvertently twinning with anyone.



Ear Party in a box!

Honeycat’s female founders saw a problem they needed to solve: the need for quality, everyday jewelry at an accessible price point. And is that not the problem every woman wants to solve? I recently picked up a couple pairs of simple studs (these and these) which will create an epic ear party with the infinity hoops which I already own. I’m super excited about the quality and price – both pairs were less than $20 each.

I’m also taking note of the beautiful boxes of sparkly studs, which will likely end up in a girlfriend’s stocking over the holidays.



Bing Bang

Ear Party - stackable studs from Bing Bang NYCI love accessories that add rock n’ roll edge to my everyday outfits. Which is why I’ve been coveting Bing Bang’s tiny skull studs for a while now. I have a few of their rings, which I purchased five or six years ago, and they’ve held up well. The only reason I haven’t pulled the trigger on the studs is because I don’t trust myself to stop there!

I’m also in love with their uniquely beautiful tiny baguette hugger hoops and the aptly-named ziggy stardust trio, which is basically an ear party in a box.



Simple architectural modern earrings layer beautifully for your ear partyThese modern, minimal – and often architectural – earrings are the most expensive ones I’m featuring. (They’re around $50-100 a pair.) But their real stones (hellooooo blue topaz!), gold vermeil, and classic shapes are durable and timeless, making the cost-per-wear equation a no-brainer.

I’m borderline obsessed with the Piece Earrings shown in this photo and am hoping to find them under the Christmas tree this year.

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