5 Healthy Holiday Recipes From The Trader Joe’s Frozen Section

5 Healthy Holiday Recipes From The Trader Joe's Frozen Section. Click for easy, healthy cooking ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

I looooooove me some Trader Joe’s frozen finds! During the holidays, these quick and easy dishes turn my freezer into a secret weapon for churning out healthy holiday recipes that taste 100 percent homemade. We also have a couple family members who are gluten- and dairy-intolerant, which means I have to get creative when cooking up traditional side dishes. Fortunately, TJ’s stocks a lot of gluten-free and paleo options, which means I can do all my grocery shopping in one stop.

This year, they’ve expanded their offerings even further…which got me really excited! But just how good are Trader Joe’s latest creations? And — more importantly — how can we make them taste even better? Here are five healthy holiday recipes from the Trader Joe’s frozen section. You can make all 5 in about 90 minutes. Total. I’ve included both product and recipe info below. Click through for details!

Butternut Squash Pizza: 5 easy, healthy holiday recipes. Click for clean eating ideas!Product: Butternut Squash Pizza Crust

Healthy Holiday Recipe: Butternut Squash Pizza With Goat Cheese And Coppa

TJ’s Butternut Squash pizza crust was a revelation for me! As a former Jersey girl, many gluten-free options just don’t taste like pizza today. But with it’s veggie-flu fall flavor, this one isn’t trying to be a pizza; it’s something altogether different. Top it with no-cook ingredients for a quick and easy snack to pair with pre-Turkey cocktails.



Cauliflower Gnocchi: 5 easy, healthy holiday recipes. Click for clean eating ideas!Product: Cauliflower Gnocchi

Healthy Holiday Recipe: Cauliflower Gnocchi With Kale And Pomegranate Seeds

As I mention in the recipe, the key to getting this gnocchi perfectly crisped is to ignore the directions on the package. Really, you can toss it as soon as your gnocchi is in the pan. A quick sauté is all these perfect pillows of gnocchilicious joy require. Toss them with massaged kale and pomegranate seeds for a flavorful, gluten-free appetizer. You could even double the kale in my recipe and make a warm salad.



Sweet Potato Casserole: 5 easy, healthy holiday recipes. Click for clean eating ideas!

Product: Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Healthy Holiday Recipe: Paleo Sweet Potato Casserole

While sweet potatoes are on my “always organic” list, mile-long holiday grocery bills often mean that I make a couple exceptions. I love that Trader Joe’s frozen mashed sweet potatoes only have one ingredient: sweet potatoes. And if you’re making sweet potato casserole, buying them frozen shaves about an hour off your cook and prep time. If that’s not a holiday win, I don’t know what is!




Riced cauliflower stuffing with sausage and apples: 5 easy, healthy holiday recipes. Click for clean eating idea

Product: Riced Cauliflower Stuffing

Healthy Holiday Recipe: Riced Cauliflower Stuffing With Sausage and Apples

I literally jumped for joy when I saw this on the Holiday Fearless Flyer. I’m a big fan of Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Fried Rice, so this take on a traditional holiday stuffing got me really excited. It’s incredibly herbacious. When you open the bag, you’ll immediately smell fresh sage and see big chunks of herbs mixed into the stuffing. And I love how much chopping this saves me! My only complaint: the texture is a little bland right out of the bag. I improved upon it by adding nuts and sausage, but there are a million ways you can go with this one.


Healthy Corn Casserole - 5 easy, healthy holiday recipes from Trader Joe's frozen section. Click for recipes and variations!

Product: Organic Sweet Corn

Healthy Holiday Recipe: Healthy-ish Corn Casserole

Frozen veggies are a great way to insure you’re maximizing the nutritional value of your produce. Most are flash frozen at peak freshness…which is also when they’re most nutritious. And by buying organic, you’re protecting yourself from all the GMO corn that’s out there. I defrosted a bag to make a healthier take on the traditional creamed corn casserole. It’s simple, it’s mildly sweet, and it mixes up in seconds in just one bowl. Because who needs the extra dishes?

I can’t wait to see what you cook up! My only ask: if you do use one of my recipes, please post a pic to Instagram and tag me! (@CultureKitty) Happy Holidays!

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