Wardrobe Workhorse: Levi’s Wedgie Fit Jeans

I'm obsessed with 100% denim jeans like these Levi's Wedgie Fit Jeans

There’s a new denim hero in my wardrobe:  Levi’s Wedgie Fit Jeans. They don’t call these 100% denim jeans “wedgie fit” for nothing; they literally give you a wedgie, lifting and separating to shape your butt into a perfectly perky peach.

Over the past year, I’ve become so obsessed with this specific style of denim that my friend Nicole recently called me from Anthropology with a perfectly distressed sale pair in her hands because she knew I wouldn’t pass them at 40% off. (I clearly have good friends.)

I love my 100% denim Levi's Wedgie Fit jeans! Here's how to size them perfectly.

My Love Affair With Levi’s Wedgie Fit Jeans

There’s something so “cool girl” about wearing Levi’s. I mean, how many times have you scoured someone’s blog to see which jeans they’re wearing, only to discover they’re vintage Levi’s? That’s what I love about the Wedgie Fit: the high rise and slim cut feels vintage, but the way they shape your backside says “premium denim.” And with prices ranging from $88-158, they’re super reasonable.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love 100% denim jeans. There’s nothing else that forms to your body or breaks in the same way. (Also, you don’t have to freak out if your husband accidentally puts them in the dryer; that actually makes them softer.) That’s what attracted me to Levi’s Wedgie Fit in the first place. I wanted to find a 100% denim style that came in a range of washes so I could buy them off the rack without trying them on, and I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money. My only other requirements: they needed to be high rise and make my butt look good. Done and done.

I'll never buy stretch again! Why these 100% denim Levi's Wedgie Fit Jeans are my new favorites.

Sizing 100% Denim Jeans

The denim used to make Levi’s Wedgie Fit is thick and stiff, which is how lifts the butt the way it does. When I’m shopping for 100% denim jeans, I know I’ve found the right size because the top few buttons will barely close the first time I try them on. Denim does tend to stretch, and this insures that I won’t end up with a baggy, unflattering pair of jeans after I’ve worn them a few times. So don’t be afraid if you feel like they’re really snug – even a little uncomfortable. You may have found the right size! Take them home and wear them around the house with the tags still on for a few hours. They’ll likely stretch to fit your body perfectly.

The Wedgie Fit can run small depending on which cut you choose. There are actually two within the Wedgie line: straight and icon fit. The straight fit is a 90’s-inspired cut that’s slim through the hip but looser through the calf so there’s no “how do I wear booties with these” dilemma. The icon fit is more like an 80’s skinny jean and looks great with sneakers or heels.

Updating your denim this fall? Why these 100% denim Levi's Wedgie Fit jeans are all you really need.

Need a pair of shorts? Levi’s also makes Wedgie Cutoffs. As with the jeans, these are cut to be very slim through the hip, so I recommend going up as much as two sizes. The length, however, couldn’t be more perfect: they cover your butt just enough so you feel comfortable bending over. (Think Cindy Crawford’s shorts in that iconic Pepsi ad.)

Both the shorts and the jeans  go on sale pretty regularly, making them an affordable solution if you’re looking to update your wardrobe with cropped, high-waisted denim. Happy shopping!

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