Away-from-home for the Holidays

8 Nov

Lately, New Year’s Eve has become….old.

So this year, my husband and I are hoping we can bring back some of its sparkle with a holiday trip to London.

Since booking our tickets over the weekend, I’ve spent hours emailing hotels, researching restaurants, and listing the endless shops, sites, and shows I’d like to catch while I’m across the pond.

But a larger question looms: What the heck am I gonna wear?

As our two-week trip demands plenty of advance planning, I’ve turned to London street style for inspiration. Here are three of my faves:

Photo c/o

Leather-paneled leggings and a chunky hope-it’s-faux make this go-anywhere look so luxe. Plus I’m a sucker for playing with proportions.

Neo-mod looks with tights are going to be a huge part of my fashion equation. A) because tights are warm, and B) because tights can be rolled into fist-sized balls, creating more room in my suitcase for the kitchen sink shoes.


What goes best with black? More black! It really doesn’t get any more travel-friendly. Love the crochet poncho and felt hat, but for me, the boots make the look. I have been searching high and low for mid-calf motorcycle boots just like those, to no avail. Fingers crossed I’ll find a pair in London. I’ll think of those cobblestone streets every time I pull them on…

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2 Responses to “Away-from-home for the Holidays”

  1. Leasha Collins November 19, 2011 at 1:39 am #

    What designer is that black bag with the stars pictured above from? I love it…

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